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Undercurrent Stabilizer™ Technology is a cost effective alternative to beach dredging and coastal armoring, both of which have serious environmental side effects.


Beach dredging projects are now planned as 50-year maintenance programs by the U.S. Army Corps or Engineers. Annualized costs are several million per mile per year for the life of the program. Actual costs, however, exceed these Army Corps projections.

Maintenance dredging is generally needed more frequently than planned by coastal engineers (Duke, Donner, 1987). Additionally, Corps projections assume that the current cost of dredged sand, about $10 per cubic meter, will be no more than this in 50 years. In reality, the cost of sand has begun to rise sharply as dredgable sources become more difficult to find and mine. Environmental guidelines increasingly add to the cost of dredge programs as well. Measures to protect reefs and turtles may double the cost of a project without significantly shielding those resources from the impacts of dredging.


The cost of armoring a shoreline varies from about $500 per foot for large sandbags to more than $10,000 per foot for massive seawalls. Unfortunately, traditional armor compresses wave energy into accelerated nearshore currents, accelerating the loss of soil. Nearshore life that is dependent on low energy shallows is adversely impacted. Eventually the armor is undermined by continuous scour caused by the armor itself.


Geologic history demonstrates that nature wants to build beaches given appropriate conditions. Undercurrent Stabilizer™ Technology arrests erosion upon installation, and fosters natural beach growth by neutralizing man made imbalances that prevent coastal expansion today.

System costs are determined by the length and type of shoreline to be treated. There is no need for repeated maintenance. Fisheries and other industries tied to healthy shorelines are benefited.

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