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Holmberg Technologies Affordable Beach Protection's Long-Term Effectiveness Confirmed

PATRAS, Greece, April 16 /PRNewswire/-- Professor Constantine Goudas of the University of Patras has just released the results of the 1st International Soft Shore Protection Conference held in October of 2000. The results confirm the long-term effectiveness of the methods used by Holmberg Technologies, Inc. in halting erosion and restoring the shoreline. These further confirm Holmberg's environmental soundness in working with natural forces to protect shoreline habitat without causing erosion to adjacent shorelines.

Holmberg's "Undercurrent Stabilizers" successfully reduce wave energy and current velocities forcing the precipitation of indigenous sediment onto the shore. This reduction in velocity and hydraulic energy also reduces transport of sediment off the shore. Holmberg's system follows the slope of the beach and nearshore soon disappearing under the accreted beachface. It both widens and elevates nearshore shoals and backshore dunes to form.

Professor Goudas supports such innovative concepts as Holmberg saying he is "convinced about the usefulness and effectiveness of systems which control only seabed currents." These "soft arrangements" are "physically and environmentally superior" to "hard" protection (seawalls, jetties, etc.) and to beach nourishment.

Holmberg Technologies offers a permanent, affordable and environmentally sound alternative. The one-time installation of Holmberg Technologies' Stabilizers prevents the environmental damage and saves the millions of tax dollars required for future renourishments. These tax dollars would then be available to improve and expand coastal communities' infrastructure -- clean water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage systems and wetlands protection -- to protect both public health and the environment.

More information on the 1st International Soft Shore Protection Conference is available on-line at:


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